Where Do You Put a Bird Scarer to Effectively Scare Birds?

Managing nuisance birds is an ongoing challenge for many property owners. From scaring away birds to prevent costly damage to growing crops to simply preventing their waste from accumulating on valuable equipment, keeping the birds away is a must-do. Unfortunately, it’s often more easily said than done. However, with the right bird scarer, you can tap into an innate fear instinct felt by many of the most common nuisance birds, from pigeons and doves to seagulls and cormorants.

Many animals have an inborn fear of predators, and birds are no exception. Even some baby birds, freshly hatched, exhibit an intense fear reaction upon recognising a hawk silhouette. Harnessing this fear reaction using a realistic tool, such as our innovative Hawk Bird Scarer, can effectively contribute to keeping birds away from potential problem areas.

There’s just one key question to answer: where to place such a bird scarer. What are the best places to set up a scarer to do its job most effectively? The answer will depend on your installation method and the area you want to protect. Also, there are some general principles to keep in mind.

Place Scarers Where the Most Birds Will See Them

Your goal should be twofold: keep birds away from important areas, and keep them away from the property in general. With that in mind, some people choose to create a “perimeter” of scarers around their property. This will make it appear to birds that several hawks are flying in the area, potentially causing them to turn back. A scarer mounted near the problem area will also serve as an additional line of defence. Although, when you need to choose an option, opt for a closer installation.

Aim for as High a Location as Possible

Height is the key to scarer effectiveness—you want birds to identify the silhouette from both above and below. Using fishing wire to string a scarer between tall tree branches is one excellent solution. However, pole mounting the scarer is also an option. We recommend a pipe or pole height of six meters for maximum effectiveness.

Periodically Move the Location of Your Scarer

Keep in mind that wildlife can adjust to the presence of a fake bird scarer over time if it doesn’t catch the wind or move frequently enough. Occasionally, you should rotate the location of your scarers to avoid habituation. Moving a scarer even ten or twenty metres away can be an effective “reset” button to continue frightening away nuisance birds.

See How Simple It Can Be To Keep Birds Away

With a cost-effective and long-lasting bird scarer, you can keep many common bird pests away from your property. Good placement of your Hawk Bird Scarer and periodic rotation will ensure that your investment pays dividends for many years. Learn more about our innovative product today, or order your Hawk Bird Scarer kit to get started as soon as possible.

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