Thankyou for your enquiry concerning the Hawk Bird Scarer. You will be interested to know that this simple device was originally invented to scare seagulls and cormorants (shags) off boats, yachts and wharves.

So successful, it was quickly tried in many other situations including Currawongs destroying vegetable crops and gardens.

In most situations a hawk will work provided the Currawongs can see the Hawk profile high above them from where they are landing. Currawongs will often hunt in packs of up to 100 individuals. However during nesting season they become territorial and only a pair of birds will be found in an area.

All you need to do is to install the Hawks high above the areas where the birds are doing the damage or at the edge of your crop. Usually Currawongs attack the edge of your crop first. By protecting the edge of the crop you can protect the entire crop. There are three methods. See the installation page for information on all. The best method for you is to use strong fishing line or light fencing wire or other thin wire to suspend the hawk between tall trees, poles etc. You will obtain excellent results using this method. By using wire it will not rub through when thrown over tall trees. Alternatively you can install your hawks on the ends of long lengths of plumbers plastic water pipe, plumbers pipe. It is available in 20mm or 25 mm diameter in 6 metre lengths. One length is an ideal height to install your Hawk on by hammering in a wooden plug into one end and screwing the Hawk into the plug. Install the pipe with the hawk on top by lashing it to a fence post of steel post at the edge of your crop with the head of the Hawk facing out of the crop.

The Hawk is unique because it is a full size imitation hawk made of durable weatherproof plastic. As birds instinctively fear the Hawk they are also scared to come within sight of the profile of this replica of a hovering Hawk. From previous customer experience in similar situations I can say that a Hawk Bird Scarer will work for you. Bill Sankey from Dorrigo in NSW said “We have put up one of the hawks, and he seems to manage quite well, as we did not find any Bird damage Fruit since.” If it doesn’t, we offer you a money back guarantee.

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