How To Keep Away Wood Ducks With a Deterrent That Works

Ducks are a common sight throughout Australia, and their presence is often one sign of a healthy local ecosystem. Unfortunately, wood ducks can sometimes decide that their “local ecosystem” should include your swimming pool. Not only can this cause headaches when you need to rescue ducklings, but it also means you’ll have to deal with the nuisance of their waste. Ducks dirtying your pool is unpleasant and unhygienic, and cleaning up after them may require a substantial effort. Stopping wood ducks with a deterrent method is the best way to deal with this problem.

No homeowner wants to face this extra hassle when maintaining a pool, especially when it already requires time and additional investment to keep it clean and safe to use in the first place. So how can you keep these ducks away?

<strong>How To Keep Away Wood Ducks With a Deterrent That Works</strong> - wood ducks

Try a Pool Cover

Some homeowners purchase a pool cover that they can stretch over the installation to keep unwanted pests from entering the water. On the surface, this does solve the primary problem: ducks fouling your pool water. However, this is not the best or most flexible solution, especially if you plan to use your pool regularly. Continuously covering and uncovering the pool can be a frustrating use of your time. When rainwater pools on the cover, the ducks may return anyway, leaving you back at square one.

Reduce Potential Habitats Near the Pool

Where do wood ducks nest? Most often, they make their homes in trees and wooden spaces near bodies of water. Some homeowners may choose to remove trees very close to their pools for this reason. However, ducks in flight will still spot your pool and see it as a potential landing zone. Ducks may come to your pool because there is a food source for them, from insects in standing water to bird seed or fruit. Removing these food sources could help.

Use a Bird Scarer for Wood Ducks as a Deterrent

Ultimately, to be most effective at daylight deterrence, you will need a way to scare ducks away from landing in the first place. The Hawk Bird Scarer is the ideal solution because it harnesses every duck’s instinctual fear of predation by hawks. You create an effective visual barrier by pole-mounting the hawk scarer or using fishing wire to suspend it above your pool between two poles or trees.

Durable but made of lightweight plastic, the hawk scarer moves about in the breeze and mimics the visual profile of a flying hawk. Ducks that see the hawk from above will avoid the area and continue looking elsewhere to land. Keeping the scarer in view of ducks before they arrive is important—once they land on water, they feel safe enough to stay. 

Protecting Your Pool Made Simple

Simple, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting, scaring away wood ducks with our deterrent hawk is the best way to protect pools throughout Australia from nuisance birds today. Best of all, this deterrent works on many other kinds of birds in many other contexts, too. Learn more now or order your hawk bird scarer kit today.

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