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Thankyou for your enquiry concerning the Hawk Bird Scarer and whether it would stop birds from pinching food left out for pets.

You will be interested to know that this simple device was originally invented to scare seagulls and cormorants (shags) off boats, yachts and wharves. So successful, it was quickly tried in many other situations including Crows, Starlings and other birds eating pet food from both areas under cover and in the backyard.

In this situation these hawks will work provided the Crows or Starlings can see the Hawk profile above them from where they are landing. All you need to do is to install the Hawks high above the areas where the birds are flying in. If they are coming in under a verandah or covered area simply install the hawk by suspending it under the eve or gutter at the edge of the roof line. Face the head of the hawk out so th zat the crows will see it as they fly towards the site. Birds know that Hawks always attack head first not tail first. By protecting the edge of the site you can protect the entire area.

Remember to make the hawk look real by suspending it from the three points using strong fishing line or light wire so it is in a horizontal hovering position. You hawk will work instantly if it doesn’t move its position so that it easy for approaching birds to see it. Pretend that you are the crow flying in. See it from a birds point of view. If your crows, Starlings and other birds are feeding from a backyard area then you may be best to use the Pipe or Pole method. Alternatively you could use strong fishing line or thin wire to suspend the hawk between tall trees, poles etc. You will obtain excellent results using this method. The Hawk is unique because it is a full size imitation hawk made of durable weatherproof plastic. As birds instinctively fear the Hawk they are also scared to come within sight of the profile of this replica of a hovering Hawk.

From previous customer experience in similar situations we can say that a Hawk Bird Scarer will work for you. If it doesn’t, we offer you a money back guarantee. You have everything to gain by ordering now. It sounds to me that a Hawk will go along way to solving all your bird problems. One Hawks will cost you just $39.00, plus $9.00 packing and postage.

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