bird scarer that works

Many birds are beautiful to look at from afar, but up close, even the prettiest birds can become pests. From spreading waste to causing damage to property, crops, and more, contending with problem birds can be a frustrating experience—especially when you don’t know how to scare birds away consistently. Environmental friendliness is important, and scaring birds away with products that don’t spread chemicals or cause harm would be the ideal solution.

What option is best for dealing with bird pests, then? The answer may prove to be simpler than you anticipate. By harnessing an innate fear found in most bird species, you can effectively deter birds from entering areas, attacking crops, and otherwise causing a nuisance. With our cost-effective Hawk Bird Scarer, you can start seeing the difference immediately.

The Story Behind the Hawk Bird Scarer in Australia

The need to keep birds away from places isn’t new; it’s an age-old challenge. The story of our product began with a simple observation: the chaotic scattering of seagulls in a marina caused by the nearby flight of a hawk. Recognising the potential to harness this natural fear as a cruelty-free means of bird deterrence, we set to work. Made of weather-resistant plastic, our scarer takes the realistic shape of a hawk in flight. What about the Hawk Bird Scarer makes it a uniquely practical approach?

  • The scarer effectively looks like a flying hawk both to landing birds looking up and to birds in flight overhead.
  • The plastic “skin” of the scarer emulates the flapping motion of a hawk’s wings. As it moves in the wind, birds perceive it as a real hawk.
  • Perfect for pole-mounting or hanging by a wire, it’s possible to continuously achieve a wide range of movement to keep birds away from problem areas.

How to Use the Hawk Bird Scarer

Assembly and installation of the Hawk Bird Scarer are fast and easy, requiring few tools and very little time. Once you have your scarer assembled and ready for use, what can you do to make sure it’s as effective as possible? Here are some of our tips to help you get started.

  • Choose areas for display or mounting with care. Observe the directions from which birds arrive at a particular area and display the scarer at a location of maximum visibility. Check our guide to bird pests for more information.
  • Periodically move the location you use to display the scarer. This disrupts a bird’s ability to adjust and adapt to the presence of the scarer, refreshing the fear instinct.
  • Use multiple scarers to protect large properties, such as farm fields, harbours, and other spaces where one scarer may not provide ample coverage.

Protect Your Property Naturally Today

Easy to set up, cost-effective even for protecting large areas of property, and durable for the long term, the Hawk Bird Scarer is the most effective alternative to expensive deterrence systems for bird pests. See more about how the installation process works, buy yours today, or let us know if you have any questions or concerns about how to scare birds away first. We always look forward to the opportunity to chat.