For detailed instructions on various installation methods, read the full guide (PDF ~1mb)

Method 1.

  1. Attach strong fishing line to wings and head of Hawk Bird Scarer
  2. Attach weight to end of each line.
  3. Throw the weighted ends over the highest branch of trees surrounding the property.
  4. Tighten the lines to position the Hawk Bird Scarer over the area to be protected.
  5. Before hoisting, attach retrieving line to the bird so that you can pull it down when no longer required.

NOTE: It is important that the Hawk Bird Scarer is positioned as high as possible and as near as possible to horizontal. 

Method 2.

Alternative method to install this bird scarer, where no trees are available.

Erect four tall poles around the area, well spaced out. The higher the poles the more effective the result. Several Hawk Bird Scarers may be suspended between the poles as described in Method 1.

Method 3.

You may find it impractical to suspend a Hawk Bird Scarer on strong fishing line. If so, screw the hawk on a pipe and erect around the area to be protected or above the roosting area. Drill out the round “plug” found in the middle of the reinforcing rib of the Hawk Bird Scarer to the size of the screw. Screw the hawk to a piece of wooden dowel inserted in the end of a 6-metre length of 25mm dia pipe Gal or PVC, and lash to a fence post or a star picket around the edge of your crop. Usually one Hawk and pole every 100 metres on the side or sides of the crop where the birds are attacking is sufficient. The problem birds usually swoop in from a nearby tree.

Method 4.

There is one other system of suspending a Hawk Bird Scarer, which you may like to consider. This is where a large Helium Balloon is used to lift the hawk high above the ground, just like a real soaring Hawk. This balloon is big with a diameter of more than a metre. We have approval from CASA, the civil aviation authority to use a Helium balloon under which you can suspend a hawk. The balloon can be tethered 50 metres in the air and it will protect 4 to 8 hectares (10 to 20 acres) of dams. This method is very effective but requires light winds.

This new Helium Balloon is expensive but comes fully rigged with every thing except the balloon gas which is available form your local BOC agent. Just look in the yellow pages under “Gas Industrial or Medical”. However the new balloons last for a long while and only need a top up with balloon gas every week.