What is the Best Pigeon Deterrent?

Pigeons are one of the most common pest birds—and one of the hardest to keep away consistently. Highly habituated to the presence of humans, pigeons can take up residence in many spaces where they aren’t wanted—even sometimes flying into semi-indoor or indoor spaces. They can cause many problems, from destroying vegetation to leaving vast amounts of waste behind. That waste, left uncleaned, can even damage paint and discolour other surfaces. What is the best pigeon deterrent for scaring these birds and keeping them away?

Many Traditional Solutions Fall Short

For many years, barrier solutions have been the go-to option for many business and property owners. Some choose to put up bird netting to prevent pigeons from physically flying into spaces. Others erect stainless steel anti-pigeon spikes on flat surfaces and high areas of buildings to prevent pigeons from landing or nesting there. However, these solutions have one major drawback: neither will likely cause pigeons to stay away from an area altogether.

Pigeon spikes, for example, can drive the birds to spend their time on the ground in an area where they may be able to find food resources. The birds may find other sites to nest nearby while remaining a nuisance in general. Rather than moving the problem from one place to another on the property, the best way to deter pigeons is to give them a good reason not to land in the area in the first place. 

Harnessing their natural instincts with the Hawk Bird Scarer is an ideal option. Just suspend the Hawk over the edge of a building on the end of a length of plastic pipe or suspended the Hawk on a pole or in mid-air by using fishing line and structural anchor points on trees or buildings, this moulded plastic hawk replica features lifelike plastic wingtips that flap and flutter in the breeze. When pigeons view the hawk silhouette from roosting locations or while in flight, it deters them from landing in the area.

Why Does a Hawk Silhouette Scare Pigeons Away?

Many birds, including pigeons, have an instinctual fear of birds of prey because they are one of the biggest threats to their survival. Just as all prey animals will experience an impulsive reflex to flee and escape when they identify the presence of a predator, birds too can recognise their enemies. As the Hawk Bird Scarer moves in the wind, it looks to a bird’s eyes like a live hawk flying through the area—telling them this is not a safe place to stay.

Deter Pigeons From Arriving Before They Begin Nesting

Once pigeons begin nesting in an area, removing them is very difficult—even deterrents may not keep nested pigeons from returning repeatedly. Taking early action by installing the Hawk Bird Scarer around problem areas on your property is key to unlocking the benefits of the best pigeon deterrent available right now. Why continue to deal with the noise, mess, and frustration of a flock of pigeons harassing your property? Tap into their instincts and use a simple, environmentally-friendly solution to keep them away for good.

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