Blackbirds are an imported bird and their habit of preferring to scavenge for food under shrubs and trees makes them difficult to scare with a hawk because often they cannot see the Hawk from underneath the bush. You see the way the Hawk Bird Scarer works is that when the birds see the Hawk hovering above them they think it is a real Hawk and so flee the area. However if they can’t see the Hawk they won’t be afraid of it.

One effective way of using the Hawk Bird Scarer is to stop the Blackbirds from entering your property. To do this you must know where the birds are entering your boundary. Then place the Hawk above this area with the head of the Hawk facing the way the birds are coming from. This will stop them entering your patch.

Alternatively you can try scaring the birds from a specific area. In your situation the Hawk will work provided the Black birds can see the Hawk profile above them from where they are landing. All you need to do is to install the Hawk high above the areas where t he birds are doing the damage or at the edge of your garden beds. By protecting the edge of the garden you can protect the entire garden. There are three methods. I have enclosed information on all. The best method for you is to use strong fishing line or thin wire to suspend the hawk between tall trees, poles etc. You will obtain excellent results using this method.

The Hawk is unique because it is a full size imitation hawk made of durable weatherproof plastic. As birds instinctively fear the Hawk they are also scared to come within sight of the profile of this replica of a hovering Hawk. From previous customer experience in similar situations we can say that a Hawk Bird Scarer will work for you. If it doesn’t, we offer you a money back guarantee.

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