Are Cockatoos Eating Your Citrus Fruit?

Cockatoo’s love eating the seeds out of my citrus trees – lemons, oranges, mandarins, and spit out the rest. I was wondering what to scare them with when I noticed a solitary Goshawk, which scattered the cockatoos as it approached.

It was a brown Goshawk, native to all of Australia and I discovered they prey on white cockatoos in nature. Whilst you have a resident Goshawk over your citrus, you won’t ever see a white cockatoo, but what do you do, when you don’t have a resident Goshawk? 

The answer is simple – purchase a replica of a hovering Goshawk… a Hawk Bird Scarer from 

One of the biggest contributors to cockatoo problems is the neighbour who feeds them.  Next thing you know, the cockatoos fly over the fence to devastate your garden – the vegetable patch, flower beds and roses.

Cockatoos like chewing things and spitting them out. This is because their beak never stops growing. Chewing may include the wood on your veranda, solar panels and even Western Red Cedar window frames.  Whilst a neighbour continues to feed them, the cockatoo flock will hang around.

Nothing will easily deter white cockatoos legally, except a Hawk Bird Scarer.

Bird netting can be a deterrence, but I have seen too many birds tangled in it, their legs broken, their beaks tied up, or fruit bats or snakes caught and dangling there till they die. Then it’s an effort to cut them out and repair the net.

Cockatoos are too intelligent, and cunning, to deter easily…but all you need do is install a Hawk Bird Scarer above the top of your citrus trees and it will stop them immediately without harming them. I have found one to be 100 per cent effective.

Are Cockatoos Eating Your Citrus Fruit? -
Are Cockatoos Eating Your Citrus Fruit? -

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