What a wonderful hawk, he did his job well!! Thank you. I have now finished bottling all the fruit on our large pear tree that the Rosella’s have previously taken from us. They would play with the pears when they were the size of my thumb and the fruit would just drop.The Rosella’s were still here though, and they would fly through past the trees. Only on a couple of occasions did the Rosella’s go in the pear tree, but we think these were young ones with no fear.I am sending 2 photos. One of the hawk guarding our place, and the other of the bottled pears.This has to be the best buy I have had for many years. Usually you get disappointed with things and they don’t work!!

Pat Breingan

Tauranga NZ.

While chestnuts grow inside a spiky burr, these burrs are no match for the hard, hacking beaks / bills of sulphur crested cockatoos. However, your ‘Balloon Hawk Bird Scarer’ is without doubt, the most effective & environmentally friendly solution we’ve found to control cockies! …Cockies expect to see hawks above them, so as they start to fly in the direction of our trees, a quick look up is all it takes for them to see the replica hawk and be frightened into changing their flight path before they reach our trees.It all works a treat and significantly reduces our reliance on a gas gun… it’s a very cost effective solution! Great product guys!

Henry ‘The Chestnut Man’ Kovacevic

Glenlyon, VIC. Australia

In November I purchased a Hawk Bird Scarer from your company. It’s amazing how the bird works. We live in a rural area on the outskirts of Wauchope on half acre of land.

…Around the fence line we have Silky Oak, Pine and Bottlebrush trees and in the inside area I have two very large veggie gardens, corn, tomatoes, beans and fruit trees. With all the Crows, Galahs, Indian Mynahs, Silver Eyes and Magpies attacking all day

….Ever since I assembled the Hawk on a 7 metre pipe I have solved all my bird problems in my garden.


Pop Carney

Wauchope, NSW, Australia


Thank you for the two Hawks, they are doing a good job keeping the Cockies away from our lamb feeders. Have gone from 200 a day to one or two a day, and then their off to.


Dough Bottcher

Creightons Creek, VIC, Australia


These are the best things for keeping Cockatoos away from fruit trees I have tried.


Bill O’Reilly-Smith

Cairns, QLD, Australia

I purchased a bird scarer some time ago, and I have it above a passionfruit vine, its working, and we are very satisfied. I have passed on your address and info to several people who have been impressed with our success.


June Selmon


I have solved my bird problem


N. Bond

Braybrook, Vic., Australia

I have used Hawk Bird Scarers since 1995 and I will need more this year


Neil Thiele

Menge Estates Vineyard, Tanunda, SA, Australia

The Hawk Bird Scarer has worked really well. C. Bonasera, Nollamara WA.

C. Bonasera

Nollamara, WA, Australia

Last year I put the hawk up really high above a huge apple tree that is usually stripped by flocks of parrots. I really wasn’t expecting great results BUT! Wonders of wonders, the flocks of parrots avoided the tree like the Plague! It was wonderful! Almost unbelievable! They would sit and squawk on neighbouring trees, obviously very cross and unimpressed with the presence of the hawk, but they didn’t come near, not once. As the leaflet said the, the secret is getting the Hawk up high.


Lyn O’Connor

Greythorn, VIC, Australia

I ordered a bird scarer for my farther about 2 months ago and he installed it as per instructions prior to his figs becoming ripe. I am writing to say that it has been a total success keeping hungry parrots at bay. His figs have been saved and my elderly father, who is a very sceptical man, is very impressed.


Patricia Witham

Beaumont, SA, Australia

You saved my Roses from Parrot and Cockatoo damage


Wendy Burgin

Riverside Drive, Warburton, Vic, Australia

I can’t recommend the use of these highly enough


A. Parris

Drouin, Vic, Australia

I purchased one from you several years ago with great success on my half acre of fruit



Ray Cotton

Eaglehawk, Vic, Australia